The results of a survey of work health and safety business trends has been released to coincide with National Safe Work Month.

Businesses reported they were seeking more support to meet increasing compliance requirements, with a significant number of new regulations and amendments introduced at national and state levels.

“More than 52 per cent of businesses that responded to our survey operate in more than one jurisdiction, highlighting the need for harmonised work health and safety rules nationally,” ACCI Director WHS Policy, Jennifer Low said.

“We are seeing the states diverge more and more frequently from agreed model WHS laws making it increasingly difficult and time consuming for businesses to keep up with compliance requirements across multiple states.

“We urgently need a review of the Intergovernmental Agreement to recommit states and territories to the goal of harmonised legislation and the many benefits this brings to businesses and our economy.”

Psychosocial risks including sexual harassment and bullying were another focus of the survey, with the results confirming businesses are taking steps to tackle these issues but are seeking more information, training and resources.

“Most businesses had some measures in place to address sexual harassment and bullying at work however it was clear that there is ongoing confusion around the distinction between supporting general mental health and wellbeing, and this new concept of managing psychosocial risk,” Mrs Low said.

“Understanding of this term remains low and significant effort is needed in increasing business understanding of this emerging area.”

The full survey report can be found here.

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