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Sneaky Greens deal sells out productivity in our workplaces

Business is disappointed in the government’s support for a radical Greens amendment which would reshape how enterprise bargaining is conducted in Australia. “The government voted in favour of a Greens’ amendment to its IR bill which would wipe out any form of give and take in bargaining negotiations,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. […]

29 Nov 2023

Industrial relations changes are being rammed through Parliament

The government has blindsided business with 81 amendments to its industrial relations legislation, most of which are a complete surprise. “The House of Representatives will have no time to properly consider the changes before the government rams the bill through,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. “The government has failed to fix the fundamental issues in […]

28 Nov 2023

Cyber plan to protect small and medium businesses 

Direct assistance for small and medium enterprises to counter cyber risks has been welcomed by Australia’s largest and most representative business network. “Several of the initiatives announced with the strategy will directly assist small and medium businesses in preparing and responding to increasing cyber-attacks”, ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. Minister for Home Affairs […]

22 Nov 2023

ACCI elects Mark Birrell as new President

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has today elected Mark Birrell AM as President. Mr Birrell is a full-time non-executive director with extensive experience in the law and finance and is currently a non-executive director of Transurban Limited and a board member of the Geneva-based International Organisation of Employers. He has served in leadership roles across […]

16 Nov 2023

Business strongly opposes the ‘Closing Loopholes’ bill

The nation’s largest and most representative business network, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is appearing before the Senate inquiry into the government’s industrial relations legislation today. The committee hearing comes a day after the Senate voted to split the non-contentious aspects of the omnibus legislation. “There is no reason that those non-contentious parts of […]

14 Nov 2023

Businesses concerned by industrial relations changes

A survey with more than 2,000 business respondents across the nation has revealed concerns that the government’s proposed industrial relations changes will undermine the viability of Australian businesses. “The survey of businesses across the ACCI network, representing every state and territory, spanning all industry sectors, sends a clear message: businesses fear that the industrial relations changes will have […]

10 Nov 2023

Business welcomes significant Senate vote to split the Government’s industrial relations omnibus bill

The Senate’s significant decision to split the government’s controversial industrial relations bill is welcomed by business, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry said today. “It is disappointing that the Government failed today to vote for its own important measures that would provide support to first responders who have PTSD, people with silicosis and those […]

9 Nov 2023

Rate hike adds to a cost of business crisis

The Reserve Bank’s decision to raise the cash rate to 4.35 per cent marks an end to four months of steady rates and indicates that Australia’s economy is still being challenged by inflation. “Though the hike is intended to combat inflation, it adds another layer of stress on businesses grappling with high input costs and […]

7 Nov 2023