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Compelling case to stick to Stage 3 Tax Cuts

Joint Statement on Stage 3 Tax Cuts Ai Group – ACCI – BCA – MCA Australia’s major employer organisations – representing the employers of millions of workers across the economy – call on the Federal Government to stick to its promise of implementing the Stage 3 tax cuts in full from 1 July. These tax […]

23 Jan 2024

Government must bust union stranglehold on Australian ports

The cost of living problems being borne by Australian consumers will worsen if the ongoing industrial dispute on the waterfront is left to continue without intervention. Australia’s largest and most representative business network said the warning of severe economic repercussions issued by DP World, resulting from the ongoing industrial dispute with the Maritime Union of […]

10 Jan 2024

Business paying its way, supporting budget improvement

Strong growth in taxes paid by Australian businesses has improved the budget outlook for 2023-24, Australia’s largest and most representative business network said today. “Australian businesses are doing the heavy lifting through increased tax receipts that have underwritten an improved budget position,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said The revised 2023-24 budget deficit forecast […]

13 Dec 2023

Government modernises temporary migration program

In response to the government’s new migration strategy, the nation’s largest business network welcomes the much-needed steps taken to address critical workforce shortages and streamline the immigration process. “The strategy marks a pivotal shift towards fostering sustainable growth, employment creation and innovation within Australia’s business landscape,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. “The creation […]

11 Dec 2023

Government to deliver unwelcome Christmas ‘gift’ to Australians

The cost of living for millions of Australians will rise, and the job-creation capacity of businesses will be smothered, under legislation set to pass today. “This is a sad day for keeping the cost of living low and creating more jobs,” ACCI chief executive Andrew McKellar said. “The Australian economy and the jobs it creates […]

7 Dec 2023

Sneaky Greens deal sells out productivity in our workplaces

Business is disappointed in the government’s support for a radical Greens amendment which would reshape how enterprise bargaining is conducted in Australia. “The government voted in favour of a Greens’ amendment to its IR bill which would wipe out any form of give and take in bargaining negotiations,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. […]

29 Nov 2023

Industrial relations changes are being rammed through Parliament

The government has blindsided business with 81 amendments to its industrial relations legislation, most of which are a complete surprise. “The House of Representatives will have no time to properly consider the changes before the government rams the bill through,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. “The government has failed to fix the fundamental issues in […]

28 Nov 2023

Cyber plan to protect small and medium businesses 

Direct assistance for small and medium enterprises to counter cyber risks has been welcomed by Australia’s largest and most representative business network. “Several of the initiatives announced with the strategy will directly assist small and medium businesses in preparing and responding to increasing cyber-attacks”, ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said. Minister for Home Affairs […]

22 Nov 2023