The Coalition has today formally committed to nuclear energy in Australia should it win government. This would be a significant change in energy policy in Australia.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has a policy of fuel-source neutrality, meaning that it supports allowing all fuel sources to compete in providing our energy needs while meeting our emissions targets.

“Maximising energy options minimises the risk of being caught out down the track with higher cost electricity,” ACCI chief of policy and advocacy David Alexander said.

“Australian businesses need affordable and reliable energy over coming decades, and our energy costs will need to be competitive with other countries.

“We cannot know the future competitiveness of individual energy sources over future decades, but the way to ensure that we don’t get caught short down the track is to allow the full range of energy sources.”

Mr Alexander said ACCI recognises the burden high energy costs have on businesses and their customers.

“As we go down the path to net zero it is important that we focus on real-world consequences and keep costs minimised for business and the broader community,” Mr Alexander said.

Craig Sullivan

Media Advisor

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