Fresh inflation numbers released today will offer some consolation to Australia’s 2.4 million small business owners, many of whom are nearing breaking point as price pressures and elevated interest rates increase the risk of further economic pain.

“After experiencing 12 interest rate increases, declining consumer spending, and a surge in input costs, it’s good news for small businesses that inflation is returning to its downward trend,” ACCI chief of policy and advocacy David Alexander said.

“As supply chain bottlenecks ease, small businesses have experienced a decline in petrol prices while material costs have also steadily decreased from previously high levels.

“Despite this welcome progress, the expected inflation-chasing wages hike from July 1 will heap even more pressure on small businesses when they can least afford it.

“Many small businesses are seeing their costs rise to the point where they have no choice but to increase their prices to maintain operations.

“With further disruption on the horizon as the federal government pursues retrograde changes to the industrial relations system, small businesses across the country are questioning why laws that will make it harder to create new jobs and grow the economy are needed.

“At its meeting next week, the Reserve Bank should take stock of whether rates are sufficiently restrictive to bring inflation back to target.

Ashley Gardiner

Director - Media and Communications

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