The government has blindsided business with 81 amendments to its industrial relations legislation, most of which are a complete surprise.

“The House of Representatives will have no time to properly consider the changes before the government rams the bill through,” ACCI chief executive officer Andrew McKellar said.

“The government has failed to fix the fundamental issues in the bill.

“None of the government’s amendments deal with increased powers for union officials, road transport, the complexity of the labour hire changes or the extraordinary scope of the employee-like changes which go well beyond laws currently regulating gig companies.

“The legislation is a complex, productivity-sapping imposition that will drive up costs for businesses and consumers.

“The government should delay further consideration of this bill in the House of Representatives until the Senate committee has reported in February.

“Furthermore, reports that the government has agreed to support three contentious amendments proposed by the Greens necessitates the need for further consultation and consideration.

“Business continues to support the proposal of senators Jacqui Lambie and David Pocock to split the bill, so that the non-contentious changes can be passed before Christmas.”

Ryan Clough

Media Adviser

P: 0262708020

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