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The Australian government must categorically reject Greens proposals to block new gas and coal projects as the price of passing emissions safeguards legislation.

The Greens proposal would trigger a range of terrible outcomes – it would choke off energy supply before alternative sources are available; it would drive up electricity prices and cause blackouts; it would cause a major economic penalty while impairing the ability of other countries to transition to a low emissions economy.

“This is not the time for another climate war. Business urges the government to hold firm and reject this ideological wrecking ball,” ACCI chief executive Andrew McKellar said.

The safeguard mechanism legislation provides a pathway for industry to decarbonise and move towards Australia’s international obligations.

“Extremists won’t be satisfied until the lights go out for good. The government must stay the course and deliver the best possible outcome for Australia’s future.

“There is a pipeline of investment ready to deliver the next generation of energy production in Australia and the Greens are putting this at risk.”

Mr McKellar said only a bipartisan approach to energy policy will move us towards a net-zero future.

“No-one has proposed any other way to achieve emissions reductions goals in an efficient way. For the sake of certainty, and to meet emissions reduction goals, the safeguard mechanism must pass,” Mr McKellar said.

Ashley Gardiner

Director - Media and Communications

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