Common sense changes announced by National Cabinet today to scrap COVID-19 isolation rules signal a return to normality, ending the last of the pandemic restrictions that have dominated daily life for the past two and a half years.

“Today, Australia has turned a corner in its approach to living with the virus,” ACCI chief executive Andrew McKellar said.

“With very low rates of COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations continuing to decline across the country, National Cabinet has made the right choice to amend isolation requirements in line with the health advice.

“Importantly, these changes balance the relaxation of restrictions while also protecting the most vulnerable.

“COVID-19 will not suddenly disappear, so it is critical that businesses continue to remain vigilant.

“Employers should recognise the greater responsibility if we do see an uptick in case numbers. A surge in staff absenteeism cannot be afforded when labour shortages are already so acute.

“While caution is still warranted, National Cabinet’s decision is a positive sign that life is returning to normal.

Ashley Gardiner

Director - Media and Communications

P: 0262708020

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