ACCI’s key role in international vaccination campaign

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the world, and a key action to overcoming the pandemic is widespread acceptance and uptake of vaccines. 

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of a global initiative, the Business Partners to CONVINCE (BP2C). 

BP2C is a coalition of organisations that seek to empower a vaccine-literate public, and includes the International Chamber of Commerce, Business at the OECD (BIAC), the International Organisation of Employers (IOE), the United States Council for International Business (USCIB), the World Economic Forum and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. ACCI is the only national business organisation involved outside the US. 

Through the work of the steering committee, the USCIB Foundation recently launched the ‘There’s More To Be Done’ Campaign, to support workplace wellbeing and productivity by encouraging vaccination for COVID-19 and other preventable illnesses. 

The global campaign recognises the significant role that employers play in the health and wellness of employees and their communities, and provides businesses of all sizes around the world with free resources for developing and supporting employee vaccination. 

Companies representing more than 250,000 employees from 16 countries have already joined the movement. 

The campaign includes free learning modules for employers that incorporate training videos, action steps, learning objectives and resources. 

As a trusted source of information, business is well-suited to engage, inform and educate workers, their families, and communities with a message that builds confidence in vaccination. 

The BP2C initiative is committed to hearing concerns, listening to feedback, and developing vaccine literacy strategies based on science, facts and emerging information to counter hesitation through communication and education initiatives at global, national and local levels. 

‘There’s More To Be Done’ Campaign aims to empower employers to play a critical role in the health and wellness of their employees, and help ensure a strong and swift recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and other vaccine-preventable diseases now and into the future. 

Sign up to the challenge and access a free toolkit and learning modules.

Ashley Gardiner

Director - Media and Communications

P: 0262708020

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